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Coffee Cup Advertising


Guaranteed to cause a stir!

Brand Bags’© custom printed coffee cup advertising offers brands a dynamic and targeted form of marketing collateral that lands directly in the hands of their target audience. Promotional coffee cups can be used to target the nation’s workforce during working hours when and where brands choose to. This cost effective advertising media yields an average dwell time of 10-20 minutes.

Serving up your advertising as coffee cup advertising works in three key ways:

  •  Advertising or brand promotion is high impact. Visibility and another chance to digest a brand’s message is repeated each time a sip of the drink is taken.
  • Coffee cup advertising delivers a truly interactive ‘brand to hand’ experience that engages your primary target audience whilst during their working day.
  •  Average views: 4 per cup, visible to street traffic and seen by work colleagues.

The Sweetener…

The versatile, cost effective nature of custom printed promotional coffee cup advertising allows us to provide cups that can be specifically targeted to deliver high impact niche marketing campaigns. Depending on the profile of your advertising audience, coffee cup advertising can be distributed to circulate locally, by postcode, city-wide, by TV region, nationally or even according to the specific demographics or geographical proximities that you wish your advertising campaign to reach. Coffee cup advertising adds a new dimension to television, online, text messaging or phone marketing campaigns by reinforcing the message on a personal level. When combined with matching ambient point of sale (POS) merchandising it can create an impressive, highly visible campaign that engages consumers not only whilst in the store, but is taken with them when they leave and engages both them and those around with every sip as they consume their drink.
How do you take yours?

In the busy hustle of today’s working environment people are constantly on the move, briefly stopping throughout their day between, or close to their workplaces to grab a quick cup of tea or coffee to recharge and carry them through the day. Our coffee cup advertising enables brands to interact and engage this audience during their breakfast, a tea break, a quick ‘cuppa’, on the move or during their lunch break.

The two key audience profiles are:

  • Affluent AB, C1, C2 city professionals, office workforces and retail staff based in city and town centres via up-market cafes, delicatessens, speciality sandwich shops, tea rooms, coffee shops and snack bars.
  • C2, D and E workers such as; drivers, tradesmen, manual workers and salesmen who are out on the road networks. These are targeted through transport cafes and ‘greasy spoon’ cafes.


  • Arriva Bus campaign -12oz cups
  • cup_2
  • cup_3
  • 12oz Promo Cup - Howdens Joinary
  • North West Surrey CCG - 12oz Takeaway Cup campaign
  • Curzon Cinema Victoria -Takeaway cup campaign
  • Commuter_With_Coffee_Cup_Walking_in_The_Street
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